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Success Navigators at Pitt Community College will be advising first year students and seeking to empower them through collaborative mentoring relationships and the development of academic, career, and financial plans.

What We Do

Student Success Navigators will serve as the Academic Advisors for new PCC students until they complete two semesters at Pitt Community College.

Student Success Navigators can also help by providing:

  • Academic planning and course selection for current and upcoming semesters
  • Advice and planning during times of academic difficulty
  • Referrals to college or community resources

By working with your assigned Student Success Navigator, students will know how, and where, to access accurate information about policies, procedures, and requirements. Students will be encouraged to make decisions that support their goals, abilities, and aspirations.

Use Our Services

Please note that if you are not assigned to a Student Success Navigator then you will not be able to schedule an appointment through the online system.  For assistance with locating your advisor, please call our office at 252-493-7578.

Hours of Operation & Location

We are located in the Craig Goess Student Center, Suite 120

Monday 8-7 pm
Tuesday-Friday 8-5 pm

Main Line/Reception: 252-493-7578


Now, let’s meet our Navigators . . .