Preparing for Success

Now that you have made the decision and commitment to attend college, give yourself every opportunity to succeed. While you may have made some basic arrangements so you can attend school, there are some additional considerations to ensure your success. Here are some things you should commit to doing for your own success.

  1. I am willing and able to attend every class throughout the semester.
  2. I should be on time for class.
  3. I should schedule appointments and meetings around my class schedule.
  4. I have dependable transportation and backup transportation.
  5. I have reliable, stable, and flexible childcare and backup childcare.
  6. I have arranged work, home, and family schedules to allow for study time.
  7. I will build in enough time to relax.
  8. I realize that my study time should equate to two hours to every hour in class.
  9. I understand that developmental coursework will prepare me for my curriculum courses but will extend the time it takes to complete my degree.
  10. I understand that college isn’t going to always be easy, but my Navigator is here to support my success.

Use these documents to help you prepare for success: