Intramurals, Recreation, and Wellness

The Intramural Sports and Recreation Program is specifically designed to provide opportunities for students, faculty and staff to have fun, socialize, manage stress and improve personal health and wellness by participating in organized competitive sports and recreational activities.


Participation Eligibility

Clarification of each user group below may be found in the PCC Catalog under Intramural Sports and Recreational Program:

  • Academic Students
  • Basic Skills Students
  • Faculty – full and part-time
  • Staff – full and part-time
  • Spouses accompanied by faculty or staff
  • Dependents of faculty or staff ages 10-17 years
  • Spectators of intercollegiate and intramural competitions
  • Board Members of PCC Board of Trustees and their spouses
  • Members of PCC Foundation, Inc. and their spouses
  • Approved visitors, groups, and organizations (as dictated by the Policies and Guidelines)

Sign up

To participate in all PCC Intramural events please log in to myPittCC and use the link in the “Quick Access” box called “Intramural Registration.”

Contact Information

Darrick Mullins
Phone: 252.493.7399