Intramural Sports

The Intramural Sports program includes basketball, flag football, volleyball, indoor soccer, softball and other competitive sports based upon the overall interest by the PCC students, faculty and staff. In addition to organized sports, PCC Intramural Sports also offers a variety of activities including: Strongest Bulldog and Fittest Bulldog competitions, Pick’Em Competitions for the NFL Season and NCAA March Madness Tournament, a variety of shooting competitions, and more. General information and registration materials can be obtained through the Intramural/Recreation Office located inside the Charles Coburn Center and on the Intramural Sports and Recreation Calendar of Events.

Program Policies

Code of Conduct

The Intramural Sports and Recreation Program is specifically designed to provide opportunities for students, faculty and staff to have fun, socialize, manage stress and improve personal health and wellness by participating in organized competitive sports and recreational activities. All students are expected to adhere to the Pitt Community College Student Code of Conduct, and the following:

  • Physical or verbal abuse of the officials is prohibited.
  • The presence of alcohol or other drugs consumed on the premises or before coming to the premises or any Intramural Sports & Recreation sponsored event.
  • Only team captains have the right to approach officials to question a call or discuss the rules, and this can only be done in a polite manner. Officials will only talk to the team captains in a calm manner, and will not use profanity or threatening behavior.
  • Profanity or aggressive gestures towards other players, officials, coordinators, or administrators will not be tolerated and could possibly result in an ejection from the game and/or suspension for the remaining intramural sports season, depending on decision made by Coordinator and Vice President of Student Development Services.
  • Verbal abuse of any kind towards anyone in the facility could result in an ejection or possible removal from Intramural Sports, depending on the decision made by Coordinator and Vice President of Student Development Services.
  • Fighting will result in an immediate ejection.
  • A participant will be ejected if they mistreat the facilities or equipment.
  • Captains may also be ejected from the game for the behavior of their team.

League Policies

  • An individual may participate for only one team per activity.
  • His/her first official participation attaches him/her to that group for that activity.
  • A team may pick up players as long as they are not on or have not previously participated with any other team in that activity.
  • To be eligible for playoffs, a player must have played in one of the team’s regular season games.
  • No roster additions are permitted during post-season, tournament play.
  • Care must be taken to list all players by full names on the game score sheets as all eligibility, including playoffs, will be determined on this basis.
  • All team captains/coaches are responsible for the complete eligibility of all team participants.
  • Each participant is also responsible for verifying his or her own complete eligibility.
  • Only two PCC student athletes may be on a single team’s roster, with only one on the court/field during any given time.
  • All game rescheduling needed by team captains, should be done through the Intramural Coordinator or Technical Assistant 24 hours in advance. Failure to do so will result in a team forfeit.
  • Two team forfeitures will result in team suspension from the intramural league for the duration of the remaining season.

Misconduct Procedures

  1. Any team receiving a sportsmanship rating below 3, on a 5-point scale, will be required to meet with the Intramural Coordinator before further play can be allowed.
  2. Two sportsmanship ratings below 3, automatically results in a one game suspension.
  3. Three sportsmanship ratings below 3, automatically results in season suspension, which includes all playoff games.

Acts that automatically result in a 1 or 2 sportsmanship rating:

  • Penalties for Violations of Campus Policies
  • Ejections
  • If any participant is ejected or removed from a contest or tournament for unsportsmanlike conduct, they are automatically suspended from all further intramural activities until they meet with the Graduate Assistant assigned to that sport or tournament.
  • Teams are responsible for the conduct of their spectators during Intramural contests.