Work-Based Learning/Internship


The Work-Based Learning/Internship Program is designed to give students the opportunity to integrate their classroom study with practical experience in their major fields by receiving hands on experience while attending school. For more information contact your faculty advisor.


Students who have completed at least two (2) semesters in a program that offers Work-Based Learning/internship are eligible to participate if they meet the following requirements:

  1. Students must be enrolled in a degree granting program of study with Work-Based Learning/Internship as a requirement for graduation,
  2. Students must have at least a 2.0 GPA in their program of study (NOTE: Some courses mandate higher GPA requirements, please see your Faculty Coordinator for specific GPA requirements associated with your program of study), and
  3. Students must complete 9 semester hours in their program with 3 semester hours in the core, and
  4. Students must plan to graduate from Pitt Community College.

(Eligibility requirements do not apply to certificate/diploma programs.)

Enrollment Procedure

Students interested in the Work-Based Learning/Internship Program should follow the procedure outlined below:

  1. Students should make an appointment with their faculty coordinator prior to registration to discuss site placement,
  2. Students should meet with their faculty coordinator to register for the appropriate Work-Based Learning/Internship course and section number, and
  3. Students should complete a Work-Based Learning/Internship Report Book.

Academic Credit

Academic credit is earned based on the following:

  1. Students can receive one (1) semester hour credit for 160 hours of work-based experience or two (2) semester hour credits for 320 hours of work-based experience. Grades given by the faculty advisor will be based on reports and evaluations submitted by the student and the site.
  2. A student may receive a maximum of two credit hours during any one semester. Each curriculum program specifies the maximum number of credit hours allowed toward degree or diploma requirements.
  3. Credits earned with the approval of the appropriate dean substitute for required or elective courses within the curriculum guidelines.

Student interested in the Work-Based Learning/Internship Program should contact their faculty advisor.