Social Media: Important networking tool for every college student and alumni

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Social Media includes programs and website such as YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and Flickr. One of the most popular social media resources is LinkedIn, an online professional networking site. Over 60 million professionals utilized LinkedIn and it provides professionals, at all levels, the opportunity to create an online presence, network with each other, learn about job openings and various careers, and is often used by recruiters to identify qualified candidates. Career Services encourages each Pitt Community College student and alumni to create a profile and utilize LinkedIn and other social media resources to aid in the job search process.

Here you will find useful information to create a professional online presence with the use of LinkedIn and how it can help you explore careers, proper etiquette for networking and how to capitalize on the job search.

Students » Step 1: Get Started with LinkedIn Learn how to create your own professional LinkedIn page

How to Build a Professional Student LinkedIn Profile What information to include and how to stand out and gain the most exposure

Top 25 LinkedIn Groups All Job Seekers Must Join Based on interest area, see groups that are key to join

How to Network Professionally Online Learn how to connect with key employers and professionals who share similar interests

How to Conduct Essential Employer Research on LinkedIn Key tool for completing research on an employer prior to an interview

Checklist: How to Find Your Career Passion LinkedIn provides the space for career exploration in an easy to use format

Q&A: LinkedIn Etiquette Guide for Students & Recent Grads Once you have an account, it is important to maintain and understand how to keep current

10 Online Job Hunting Tips Computer research can be key in the job search process and LinkedIn can not only provide a space to conduct research, but also market yourself through groups and other communications

Remember, social media will not replace the importance of “in-person networking”, which means it is still important to connect with others, share information, and build and maintain relationships. It is much easier to maintain a network, than start from scratch.