ATD Committee Briefs (Fall 2020)

Fall colors on display outside of the Walter and Marie Williams Building on PCC's main campus.

Communication Team

The Communication Team met several times to discuss best practices related to the development and distribution of the ATD Brief newsletter to keep the PCC campus informed of ATD progress and activities. We plan to publish the newsletter quarterly. We also assigned team members to maintain the ATD web pages and discussed the availability of ATD information on the PCC employee portal.

Members of the Communication Team include Mandy Bowers (co-chair), Rob Goldberg (co-chair), Mike Clendenen, Jane Power, Newton Smith, Michael Mclenon, Emily McConnell and Kate Kosopalova. Its mission is to develop a communications plan that effectively informs and promotes ATD and the work of the core and action teams among the campus and external communities.

Equity Action Team

The Equity Action Team is actively working on educating campus about equity initiatives. Members include Cheri White (chair), Patricia Gaither, Stephanie Robertson and Natasha Worthington. Its mission is to support the ongoing efforts of the ATD Core Team and committees with a particular focus on Priority 3: Equity.

Organizational Development and Accountability Action Team

The Organizational Development & Accountability Action Team recently partnered with Planning & Research to develop a Town Hall Effectiveness Survey. Once approved, this survey will be released to campus.

Members include Tania Overton (chair), Amelia Bain, Joe Moss and Kim Waters. Its mission is to support the ongoing efforts of the ATD Core Team and committees with a particular focus on Priority 4: Organizational Development and Accountability.

Professional Development Committee

The Professional Development Committee continues to work with ATD committees and other campus partners to bring timely and informative professional development to PCC faculty and staff. Members include Happy Gingras (chair), Patricia Adams, Dr. Kristin Braswell, Jan Fisher, Regina Garcia and Sherri Joyner. Its mission is to support the ongoing efforts of the ATD Core Team and committees.

SSAC Process Analysis Committee

The SSAC Process Analysis Committee is actively working on process analysis initiatives. Members include Katherine Clyde (co-chair), Angela Cline (co-chair), Tracey Yarborough, Jeff Rorer, Beverly Hunt , Heather Costanzo , Janet Brewer , Susan Marsh and Kelly Moore. Its mission is to examine academic and administrative policies and procedures to ensure they are designed to promote student success.

SSAC Recruitment Committee

The SSAC Recruitment Committee has been reviewing ways and methods to enhance recruiting methods, with a focus on:

  • Pivoting traditional on-campus engagements to online experiences
  • Researching motivations and encouragement points in the recruitment cycle
  • Developing methods of re-entry outreach to past enrolled populations

Members of the Recruitment Committee include John Carrere (co-chair), Jane Power (co-chair), Lynn Griffin, Beth Perkins, Katelynn Speas, Laurie Weston, Jennifer Joyner, Lara Smith and Amy Stephenson. Its mission is to develop a comprehensive and systematic approach to recruitment.

SSAC Retention and Completion Committee

SSAC Retention and Completion Committee is actively working on retention and completion initiatives.  Members include Chuck Griffin (co-chair), Leigh Russell (co-chair), Rebecca Warren, Dawn Ellis, Mecca Waller, Borgella Saint-Ulysse, Farrah Owens and Rusty Sugg. Its mission is to provide oversight of the college’s retention and completion efforts.

Student Advocacy Committee

The Student Advocacy Committee (SAC) is finishing up revisions to our student resource list and hope to have that ready to distribute before the end of the semester.

Members of the SAC include Tami Flynn (co-chair), Nickie Dixon (co-chair), Travis Kinsey, Lori Preast and Danielle Poyner. Its mission is to involve students in the ATD transformation process at PCC.