Apprenticeship Program – New Format, Ashlyn

What is an Apprenticeship?

Learn Today. Apply the Skill Tomorrow.

An apprenticeship is a hands-on training program where individuals learn a trade while working and earning a wage. It’s not like an internship or entry-level job; apprenticeships provide structured learning with experienced mentors, leading to industry certifications and qualifications.

What are the Components of Registered Apprenticeship?

Current Apprenticeships Offered By PCC

  • Apprenticeship 1
  • Apprenticeship 2
  • Apprenticeship 3
  • Etc.

Why be a Registered Apprentice?

Earn While you learn

No need to wait until you've completed your training to begin earning money! With on-the-job training, you'll receive a wage while honing your skills.

Maximize Funds

Access scholarship money to pay for tuition, books, fees. *****Average scholarship amount available for qualified students?*****

say goodbye to classrooms

Learn by a hands on approach with employers seeking to hire skilled workers. Leave behind traditional classrooms and dive into a practical experience.

reinforce concepts

Apply theories and concepts directly in the job, reinforcing your learning in real-time. Strengthen your understanding and skillset through immediate application.

understand employer expectations

Gain insight into what employers value most in their workforce. Learn how to align your skills and knowledge with industry demands to excel in your career.

progress to advanced skills

Advance your skills and knowledge through continuous learning and practice. Explore opportunities to develop expertise in your field and pursue your professional goals.

Apprenticeship Videos

Richard Alligood, an automotive instructor at Pitt Community College, provides insight into the Automotive Technology program, including information on employment opportunities and compensation details.

Amy Stevenson, the Industrial Systems Technology (IST) department chair, joins David Ramirez, a PCC pre-apprentice and IST student, in discussing the IST program. Together, they shed light on the career prospects awaiting graduates and potential salary ranges in the field. David shares his experience with the program, highlighting the impact on his learning journey.

Darone Dancy, Vice President of Workforce Operations at Eastern Carolina Vocational Center (ECVC), shares his experience with PCC apprenticeships, detailing his journey in exploring and employing students through the apprenticeship program.

Bulldog Apprentice Hub

Become a Bulldog Apprentice, where hands-on learning meets boundless opportunity! Here, it isn’t just about the paycheck — it’s about the transformative journey of mentorship and skill mastery. Explore our program photos and student testimonials, and be inspired by the endless opportunities PCC apprenticeships hold for shaping your future!

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Program Photos

Student Testimonials

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Employer Hub

Employers participating in apprenticeship programs play a crucial role in shaping the next generation of skilled professionals.

  • Choose your apprenticeship occupation(s)
  • Determine which on-the-job learning model works best for your organization
  • More information about how apprenticeships work from the Employer side & qualifications an employer would have to become a registered apprenticeship program.

Structured on-the-job learning model

  • Time – Required number of hours of on-the-job-learning and related education (2000 hours). “Consider adding a time range in addition to the 2000 hours that is currently listed so potential apprentices can gauge the commitment”
  • Competency – Progression is based on the apprentice’s pace and demonstrated competency through proficiency testing. No set number of hours to complete.
  • Hybrid – Uses a minimum and maximum range of hours and the demonstration of identified and measured competencies.

If you are interested in more information about how to become a registered apprenticeship employer, let us know here: Employer Interest Form (please create and provide working link)

Employer Testimonials

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Apprenticeship News

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