AMEXCAN Honors PCC President for Service during Annual Awards Program

Warren Building cupola on a cloudy day with "Archives" written across the top of the photo.

WINTERVILLE—Pitt Community College President G. Dennis Massey was honored by the Association of Mexicans in North Carolina Inc. (AMEXCAN) Dec. 9, during the organization’s 5th Annual AMEXCAN Community Awards.

Held at the Bernstein Center in Greenville, the ceremony was an opportunity for AMEXCAN and the Eastern North Carolina Latin-American Coalition to recognize local partners, leaders and volunteers who have dedicated their time, expertise and resources to improving the community. Massey, who has been PCC’s president since 2003, was honored for more than a decade of service to AMEXCAN.

Following the ceremony, Massey thanked the organization for his award and praised the group for its work in the community and partnership with PCC.

“I am pleased that Pitt Community College can work with AMEXCAN by coordinating space for offices at the Bernstein Center in addition to programming, including language training and workforce development, to serve Latino residents of northern Pitt County at this location,” Massey said. “I really value what AMEXCAN is accomplishing for Mexicans and Latinos in our region, and I am glad PCC can be part of this effort. I will do everything I can to promote our continued collaborations.”

AMEXCAN, which serves Pitt and 15 other eastern North Carolina counties, is committed to “fostering the appreciation, understanding and prosperity of the Mexican and Latino community through advocacy, culture, education, health and leadership.”

In addition to organizing cultural expos and conferences, AMEXCAN promotes awareness of educational opportunities for children and adults, distributes valuable health information, develops active civic participation of Latino leadership in social affairs, and serves as an advocate for the welfare of Latinos in North Carolina.

According to AMEXCAN Executive Director Juvencio Rocha-Peralta, community-based organizations like AMEXCAN depend on the community to accomplish the work they set out to do. He said last month’s awards ceremony was a chance to “honor these local heroes and their efforts” and to thank all who play a part in making the community great.

“We are only able to create such a tremendous impact in our community because of the enormous support and dedication we are given by the community,” Rocha-Peralta said. “To take time from their families, work and little free time to make a community a safer, cleaner and a more opportunistic place for everyone is no less than heroic.”

In addition to PCC, AMEXCAN’s community partners in Pitt County include the City of Greenville, Pitt County Schools, East Carolina University, and the Pitt County Health Department.