Official Withdrawal – Student Initiated

Withdrawal Deadline:

Students may officially withdraw from a course on or before the 75% point of the term or class. Once processed, a student-initiated official withdrawal may not be reversed.

Students considering an official withdrawal during the official withdrawal period MUST meet with their Academic Advisor. The Academic Advisor will assist the student with completing the official withdrawal form if the decision is made to officially withdraw. 

Exceptions for Withdrawal

Students wishing to officially withdraw after the 75% point of the term (or class) must file an appeal. Exceptions will be granted, with appropriate documentation, for the following reasons:

  1. Medical/Psychological
  2. Legal
  3. Safety concerns
  4. Military Obligations (See section regarding, “Criteria for Appeals”)

Appeal for Official Withdrawals

If a student believes he or she has extenuating circumstances which justify an exception to the standard withdrawal policy, he or she may appeal to the Withdrawal Appeals Committee.

  • All requests must be received in writing and must include supporting documentation (i.e., drop/add forms, medical verification, military orders, etc.). Appeals received without the required form and proper documentation will not be considered.
  • Appeals may be submitted at any point during the term up to the 12th week of the following term, as listed in the academic calendar. Appeals beyond this limit will not be reviewed. Students will receive a response to their appeal within 30 days of the submission date.
  • Withdrawal procedures and add/drop deadline dates are widely publicized. Therefore, appeals based a student’s lack of awareness will not be reviewed.
  • Appeals will be limited to a total of three (3) per student during his or her tenure at PCC.
  • Approval of Appealed OW’s will not count toward the limit of eight (8) withdrawals per student.
  • All Appeals Committee decisions are final.

NOTE: The Withdrawal Appeals Committee does NOT, under any circumstances, take phone calls or schedule appointments.

Official Withdrawal Appeal Form

Criteria for Appeals

  • Death in the student’s immediate family (parent, sibling, offspring, spouse)
  • Unforeseen medical incapacitation of student or immediate family member
  • Illness or injury of the student of such severity or duration that competent medical authority certified that completion of the course is/was precluded
  • Family circumstance of such severity that the student’s presence is/was required away from school and precluded completion of the course
  • Involuntary call to Military Duty – orders must accompany appeal
  • Legal obligations and/or circumstances that prohibit student from completion of the course

Official Withdrawal Eligibility Form

Limit on Number of Withdrawals

All Pitt Community College students will be limited to eight (8) withdrawals while at PCC. Students who wish to withdraw from a course after reaching this limit will need to file an appeal.

Exceeding OW Limits and Effects on Academic Standing

Once a student has accumulated eight (8) official withdrawals, the student will be classified as Ineligible for Official Withdrawal, where he/she will be ineligible for further official withdrawals. Any instructor initiated withdrawal will be equated to an ‘F’ in the course. Students who wish to be reclassified as Eligible for Official Withdrawal must do one of the following:

  1. Repeat and successfully complete a course with a ‘C’ or better final grade for which the student previously received an official withdrawal. Students will be eligible for one additional official withdrawal for each OW course they repeat and pass with a grade of ‘C’ or better.
  2. Complete three (3) consecutive semesters of six (6) credit hours or more with a 100% pass rate
  3. Not enrolled at PCC for six (6) consecutive semesters (2 years). Students in this category must reapply for admission and upon readmission, they will revert to Eligible for Official Withdrawal Status, and may now accumulate up to an additional eight (8) official withdrawals.

If an additional official withdrawal is obtained for a student who has regained eligibility to withdraw, the student will again revert to Ineligible Official Withdrawal Status, and once again have to complete one of the previous stipulations to regain Eligible for Official Withdrawal Status.

IMPORTANT: This policy may affect other PCC policies, such as Academic Standing and Satisfactory Academic Progress for financial aid students. Please refer to these policies for further information.

Any course for which an unofficial withdrawal or an “I” (Incomplete) is received may not be retaken for pay purposes under the Title 38, U.S. Code as amended by Public Law 93-508.