NSO and Registration FAQ’s

1. When and where will orientation be held?

New Student Orientation is being held as an optional virtual or online module experience for 2021. You may select to complete your orientation through a virtual session or self-guided module experience. Visit the main orientation website for selection details.

2. What is New Student Orientation?

New Student Orientation is the beginning of your journey as a student at Pitt Community College and where you will receive all of the tools that are needed to be successful during your time as a new student.

3. Do I need to RSVP for Orientation?

All new students planning to attend orientation must complete the orientation registration form in their personal “myPittCC” account.  If you require accommodations such as an interpreter, enlarged print or secondary aids to attend, please contact the Office of Accessibility Services at: (252) 493-7285. A minimum of two weeks notice is required.  Personal aides and transportation are not provided.

4. Are all new students required to attend an Orientation session?

In our attempt to keep you and the campus community safe, new students planning to enroll can connect with their assigned Student Success Advisor to register for classes before completing a virtual or online orientation experience.  Through this temporary modification to our standard enrollment process, we will continue to provide you support and development as a student, while working to have your class schedule in place as efficiently as possible.

5. What will I do at Orientation?

As a new Pitt Community College student, you have the option to complete your orientation through a virtual session or a self-guided online learning module.  Through these experiences, you will:

  • Review and affirm the degree program you selected on your application and course requirements.
  • Receive steps to making a smooth transition to college life
  • Understand the academic policies and requirements you are expected to follow
  • Improve your understanding of the college support systems
  • Discover the financial aid opportunities available to you
  • Connect with student clubs and organizations designed to grow you as a person and professional

6. Can parents or family members attend Orientation?

Yes, parents and/or family members are highly encouraged to participate in the orientation experience with you. Parents and family members play a key role in a new student’s successful transition to college life. Parents and family members will be able to share experiences with similar families, receive answers to questions the student may not know to ask, and form a connection to PCC.  Special sessions and details for PCC Parents and Families can be found by clicking here.

7. If I cannot attend Orientation, can my parents attend Orientation and register for me?

No. The admitted student is required to register for his/her own courses.

8. Can my children attend the Orientation?

Pitt Community College Orientation is designed for college students and their adult family members.  Therefore, children are not encouraged to attend.

9. Must my tuition and fees be paid before I can attend the Orientation session?

You may participate in Orientation before your fees have been paid.  Payment of tuition and fees will not be required until after you have actually registered for classes.

10. Where can I find out more about my financial aid?

You can find out more about your financial aid by signing into your “myPittCC” account, clicking on the ‘PCC Services” tab and clicking again on the financial aid tab. Any other questions can be addressed by looking at the financial aid website or by calling 252-493-7339.

11. Where will Orientation be held?

When normal on-campus operations resume, New Student Orientation will be held on various dates in the Craig F. Goess Student Center Davenport Multipurpose room.  The Goess Student Center is accessible either by Reedy Branch Road or driving through the main campus.  Click here for a GPS address and detailed map designating parking areas for orientation participants.

12. How much will Orientation cost me?

Orientation will cost you nothing outside of your travel expenses.

13. Will I meet with my advisor during my specified Orientation session?

Your Student Success Advisor’s name and contact information can be found in your Admissions letter. Your specific Student Success Advisor is assigned to you based on the program of study you selected on your application. They will be your guide in confirming the major you have selected is the one you want and will determine the courses you will enroll in.

14. What if I am studying as a Distant Learner?

Students planning to participate exclusively in online education should contact the academic advisor listed on their acceptance letter to inquire about their registration procedure.  Information regarding the PCC Distance Learner program.

15. Will I have to stay overnight? If so, where should I stay?

There is no need to stay overnight for those who live local to Pitt Community College. If you are traveling from further distances, there are plenty of lodging options available in the area.

If you have any other questions concerning Orientation, please email orientation@my.pittcc.edu.