Testing Policies

What does my score mean?

Your score determines your placement in math, English and computer classes. To view minimum required scores for each class, please click on the links below:


Math – Math placement is dependent on your placement test scores AND the college level math requirement for your program.

Computer Skills Placement

For more information regarding your English, math or computer placement scores contact your academic advisor.

What is the difference between the classes?

Classes that are numbered 100 and higher are considered curriculum college level classes. College level courses may count towards your graduation and may be transferrable to other colleges. Please refer to the Pitt Community College General Catalog or your advisor for information about specific classes. Learn more about the University Transfer Program.

Classes that are numbered less than 100 are considered developmental and do not count towards graduation. Developmental courses usually will not be able to be transferred to another school, however they may transfer to other North Carolina Community Colleges. Please refer to the Pitt Community College General Catalog or your advisor for information about specific classes. These classes are designed to help you gain the skills that you will need to be successful in college transfer courses. Learn more about Developmental Studies.

What are the testing policies at PCC?

View our testing policies at PCC.  Note that the policies are reviewed each year and may change without warning.

PCC Placement Testing Disclosure Statement

If you have elected to take the CPT Placement Test, please note: This test is a combination of Reading Comprehension, Sentence Skills, Arithmetic, and Elementary Algebra. While Pitt Community College accepts CPT scores, other institutions may not.

Students have the option to take the NCDAP Placement Test in lieu of the CPT Placement Test.  This test is a combination of Math, English, and Computer Skills and is a widely accepted Placement Test at most North Carolina Community Colleges.  If you would prefer to take the NCDAP Placement Test, please contact Placement Testing to schedule your appointment.

If you are seeking to transfer placement test scores to another institution, you are HIGHLY encouraged to contact that institution to see if your CPT or NCDAP scores will be accepted. Please be advised if your scores are not accepted; you may be required to take another placement test for college entry.

For questions, or to schedule an appointment to take the NCDAP Placement Test, please call Placement Testing at 252-493-7561.