Proctor Requests

PCC offers proctoring services, as a community service, during our non-peak times. For students requesting services for non-PCC courses, we will proctor exams as space and resources permit by appointment only.   PCC does charge for proctoring services based on the type of exam proctored.   Students should refer to the PCC Proctor Policy Form for PCC proctoring fees and policies. Students are required to read, sign, and return the PCC Proctor Policy Form before any testing may be administered; a separate form is required and must be on file for each non-PCC class the student needs proctoring for.

All proctoring requests must be submitted at least 2 days prior to the desired appointment date.  ECU students should submit all request via the UNC Online Academic Services. All other students requesting proctoring services for a non-PCC course should contact PCC Placement Testing at pcctesting@my.pittcc.edu or 252-493-7561 to submit a proctoring request.

What do I need to bring on the day of my appointment?

  1. A valid state/official photo ID
  2. A signed copy of the PCC Proctor Policy Form
  3. Your receipt from the Cashier’s Office (including your signed PCC Proctor Fee Form)

Where do I pay my proctoring fee?

All proctoring fees must be paid in the Cashier’s Office in the Goess Student Center. Fees must be paid prior to your testing appointment. Upon proctor request approval, students will receive an email containing a PCC Proctor Fee Form, which they must present to the Cashier’s Office in order to pay proctoring fees.  Students will need to bring their receipt from the Cashier’s Office with them to their proctor appointment (including their signed PCC Proctor Fee Form).

Where is Testing located?

Testing is located in the Warren Building, room 2402 (2nd floor). View the campus map for more information.

How do I set up proctoring for a PCC Course?

Students should have their PCC instructor contact the Placement Testing Office to set up proctoring for all PCC Courses.

I will be attending PCC, and I need to take my placement test, but I live out of town/state. How do I take my placement test?

PCC prospective students that live out of town/state should visit the Distance Learning portion of the PCC Placement Testing website to obtain more information about taking a placement test.