Distance Learning Placement Testing

If a student is unable to get to Pitt Community College to take their placement test, they are encouraged to see if they can locate a North Carolina community college nearby who will allow them to take the NC-DAP test.  Please be aware that not all North Carolina community colleges permit students who are not attending their institution to test with them.  If there are no colleges nearby offering these services, the student must then find a suitable proctor and proctor location.

The NC-DAP test must be proctored in an educational facility, such as a library or school, by an individual experienced in test administration and who is generally not known by the student or is known solely in a professional capacity (i.e. teacher, librarian).  US military members may have their exam proctored at the education center on their base. Family members may not proctor an exam for each other. Athletes may not have athletic directors or coaches proctor the exam for them. All proctors must be approved prior to proctoring the test.  Students are required to complete and return the Proctor Verification Form. Forms must be submitted at least two business days prior to the desired appointment date.

The student is solely responsible for any fees charged by the proctoring institution. Pitt Community College does not charge for the placement test.

PCC students are also required to take a computer skills placement test.  This test was developed by the PCC Information Systems Technology Department and cannot be taken at another school without a student completing a Proctor Verification Form. If you are not planning on taking a computer course your first semester, you may complete this test once you are on campus before the next semester’s registration period.