Placement Testing FAQ’s

Do I need to take the placement test?

Most students need to take the placement test, but there are some exceptions

Testing Waivers:

  • Students who have successfully completed (grade “C” or better) developmental work at another NC community college under the semester system OR you are transferring college level work, you may be exempt from the placement test. Our Admissions Counselors can help you answer questions about transferable courses.
  • Students may  be waived from placement testing based on their SAT/ACT scores.  See if you qualify for a SAT/ACT testing waiver.
  • Multiple Measures allows eligible students to be waived from testing based on their high school GPA and the completion of certain math courses.  Students who are waived from testing based on Multiple Measures will receive a letter stating that they have been waived from placement testing.  View Multiple Measures eligibility and criteria.

Students must submit all documentation to receive testing waivers.  Official college and high school transcripts must be submitted to the PCC Registrar’s Office for evaluation.  SAT and ACT scores must be submitted to the PCC Placement Testing Office.

What if I live out of town?

If it is not convenient for you to take the placement test in Greenville, NC, you may contact a community college in your area to see if you can take the placement test with their testing center.  Students who are not taking the placement test at another NC community college will need to fill out paperwork prior to testing. For more information about taking the placement test at another school please visit the Distance Learning portion of the PCC Placement Testing Website.

What if I have taken the SAT or ACT?

We offer waivers for the placement test based on your SAT or ACT scores. You must provide proof of the score(s) to either an Admissions Counselor or the Testing Coordinator. A waiver will exempt you from one or both parts of the placement test and you will be able to start in the college-level course(s) required for your curriculum. Cut scores for waivers are as follows:

Pre-March 2016:
Writing 500
Critical Reading 500
Math 500
March 2016 and Future:
Evidence-Based Reading and Writing 480
Mathematics 530
English 18
Reading 22
Math 22
Minimum scores are subject to change without notice.


What if I have a disability or require special accommodations?

If you have a condition that may warrant special testing accommodations (for example: extended time, large print, a reader, or interpreter) that includes but is not limited to visual, hearing, physical impairments, and learning disabilities, you should contact the PCC Accessibility Services Office at (252) 493-7285. They will work with you to determine the best accommodations for you. All testing accommodations must be approved by the PCC Accessibility Services Office prior to test administration; accommodations can not be granted without approval from the PCC Accessibility Services Office.

What if I took the placement test at another school?

If you took the RISE placement test at another North Carolina community college, you may have your test scores sent to PCC Placement Testing.  Students should contact the institution that administered their test to find out how to have a copy of their scores sent to PCC Placement Testing.  Official scores may be faxed, mailed, or hand delivered (in a sealed envelope) to PCC Placement Testing.

Scan Scores – pcctesting@my.pittcc.edu
ATTN: Placement Testing
Fax: 252-321-4592

Mail Scores –
Placement Testing
Pitt Community College
PO Drawer 7007
Greenville, NC 27835

Hand Deliver –
PCC Main Campus: Warren Building, room 2402

What if I fail the test?

The placement test is not a pass or fail test. The test is used to place you into classes that will challenge you as a student while allowing you to be successful. This test will not deny your admission to PCC, however your scores may impact your graduation date, so it is important that you take the time to prepare for the test.

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