Freshman (You have never attended college before)

Welcome to Pitt Community College

You’re ready to become a first-time college student, but how do you apply for college?

Starting on your path to college can be overwhelming. Maybe you haven’t decided exactly what career path you want to follow, but you know you want to earn a college degree. Or maybe you have diverse interests that don’t fall into one category.

Pitt Community College provides access to dynamic learning opportunities designed to foster personal growth and life enrichment, and create a solid foundation to advance your education. Our commitment to providing open access to quality education and training for our community members is unparalleled.

Why Choose Pitt Community College?

At Pitt Community College, we understand college visits are about exploring what an institution offers. When you apply for college, it’s important that you have a multitude of academic choices and a lot of learning support.

Five academic divisions

Arts and Sciences

PCC’s largest division covers all virtually all of your general college requirements, including English, humanities, math, and science.


Applying for college to PCC’s Business division means you’ll develop sharp communication, project management, and leadership skills for administration, computer technology, and entrepreneurial roles.

Construction, Heating, and Refrigeration Technology

Our CIT division houses 12 associate degree programs, including Architectural Technology, Building Construction, Horticulture, and Welding.
Health Sciences — With healthcare constantly expanding, many students apply for college to earn a health science degree in areas such as Nursing, Dental Assistant, and Pharmacy Technology.

Public Services and Fine Arts

Programs in this division include Advertising and Graphic Design, Basic Law Enforcement Training, and Early Childhood Education.

Continuing Education

Many students who apply for college are seeking to continue their education or gain specific skills to pursue a different career. PCC’s Continuing Education and Workforce Development programs are designed to give you quality short-term training to update your skills or prepare for a new path. Programs include Real Estate, Skilled Trades, Law Enforcement, Fire and EMS, and Cosmetology.

In addition, our Small Business Center offers free seminars, consulting, and mentoring support for business start-ups and small business owners.

Distance Learning

We recognize that applying for college to attend on campus doesn’t work for everyone. PCC’s Distance Education program is a valuable tool to satisfy college requirements. Our college admissions process is easy to navigate online, and all our courses are designed to make your higher education career goals fit into your schedule.

College Requirements at PCC: First-time College Student Guide

You’ve decided to apply for college. Now what?

Pitt Community College is dedicated to making your journey to higher education seamless and supportive. We’ll assist you with arranging college visits, navigating college admissions, securing financial aid, and preparing for a successful transfer.

PCC has been educating and empowering students since 1961. As a vital partner in the economic and workforce development of our community, we are dedicated to helping you meet your personal and professional goals.


As a first-time student, applying for college can be overwhelming. But it’s also exciting — and easier than you think.


Whether you transfer from another community college or a four-year institution, continuing your education at PCC is seamless.

Adult Learners

Our Adult Learning Center provides individualized coaching, peer support, and programs to meet your goals academically and financially.

Learn More About College Admissions at PCC

Discover Your Career Pathway

Talk with our Career Services team to learn more about job opportunities and majors.

Pay for College

Learn more about financial aid and scholarships at PCC and contact our Financial Aid office.

Explore Our Majors

Pitt Community College offers degree, certificate, and diploma programs. Whether you want to earn an associate degree, transfer to a four-year institution, update your skills, or train for a new career, you’ll find it at PCC.

Apply for Scholarships

All our programs are affordable, but sometimes you need a little help paying for tuition, books, and school materials.

PPC Parents and Family

As family members and guardians of college students, you want to be assured of your child’s academic success. We have created a series of videos and other resources that answer the most asked questions.

Schedule a Visit

The best way to see all that PCC offers is to schedule a college visit. You’ll take a guided tour of our beautiful campus, learn more about our programs, and hear firsthand from one of our current students.

Residency Information

Your college tuition is determined by our current residency status, with North Carolina residents receiving a discounted tuition rate through state tax assistance.

U.S. Veterans Information

Pitt Community College is proud to support those serving our country. We rank in the top 15 percent of schools nationwide by GI Jobs magazine as a Military Friendly institution. If you are a first-time college student or want to continue your education post-tour, visit us. Plan your college visit.

The basic requirement for applying for college at PCC is a high school or equivalency diploma. Selected diploma and certificate programs require students to have at least eight units of high school work or special permission.

In addition:

  1. Each applicant must submit a completed Application for Admission, and complete placement tests.
  2. Applicants for Electronics Engineering Technology and Architectural Technology must have completed one unit of algebra and one of geometry.

Each applicant must meet with an admissions counselor prior to enrollment to ensure smart program and course choices.

Home-schooled students must submit a copy of their state’s home school’s approved registration and an official transcript that includes the date and documentation of completion of competency testing.

Please note that the NC Division of Non-Public Education home school laws apply only to schools enrolling students of compulsory attendance (at least 7, but not yet 16).

Home schools are not empowered by state law to issue diplomas to post-high-school-age students. Students over the age of 18 years may, however, obtain their high school diplomas either through the NC Community College Adult High School Diploma program or its GED program.

Please allow two weeks from submission of your application for processing. You will receive a letter by mail once your application has been processed. If more than two weeks have passed, you can check the status of your application by calling 252-493-7232 or emailing pittadm@email.pittcc.edu.

The Health Science program has specific college admissions requirements. Until you satisfy these college requirements, you will be enrolled as an Associate in General Education (AGE) major. Learn more about Health Science requirements.

Pitt Community College welcomes students from other post-secondary institutions. Applicants need to complete the following:

  • Submit a formal college admissions application.
  • Request official high school transcripts mailed to the Office of the Registrar. Students with a bachelor’s degree from a regionally accredited institution are exempt from submitting high school transcripts, except for financial aid.
  • Request official transcripts from each post-secondary institution mailed to the Office of the Registrar. Transfer students must be in good standing at all previously attended institutions.

Students who withdraw from PCC for one year or more must reapply by completing an Application for Admission. Official transcripts, placement testing, and additional college admission requirements may be requested.

Additional procedures are in place for readmission into Health Science programs.

Students who are applying for readmission as the result of disciplinary action must appear before the Vice President of Student Development Services to petition for readmission.

PCC also allows high school students to enroll in community college courses tuition-free through our Career and College Promise program.

PCC is committed to bringing global perspectives to students and our larger community by creating quality programs that attract international students. Learn more about international college requirements.

Any undocumented student registered in a class will pay the out-of-state rate.