Cultural and Educational Activities

Cultural and educational enrichment activities are planned each semester at no cost to participants. Sponsored activities may include:

  • Art Series
  • Plays
  • Musicals
  • Concerts
  • Museum Visits
  • Dance Recitals

However, certain activities are available every semester. These activities include:

Open Mic

Hosted by TRiO SSS, Open Mic provides a forum each semester for students to share with the community their varied talents for poetry reading, singing, playing musical instruments, and improv. Students must fill out an application, due the week before the Open Mic performance, in order to perform at Open Mic. Open Mic is generally themed with light snacks provided based on the chosen theme.


Lead by different SSS staff members, workshops are provided each semester for various subjects and topics like math, English, and leadership skills. Each student in TRiO SSS is required to participate in a minimum of two workshops per semester. Online workshops are available for those students who are unable to attend the face to face workshops.

Campus Visits

In order to assist our students as they decide on transfer options, SSS provides college/university campus visits each semester to various colleges and universities in North Carolina and neighboring states. Each student in TRiO SSS is required to participate in one college visit per semester.


TRiO SSS provides free tutoring for all of its members. Participants can sign up for tutoring by stopping by Warren 1306 and filling out an application form. The Tutor Coordinator will then assign tutoring schedules based on available times.