Religious Observances Policy For Students

The Pitt Community College Board of Trustees directs that each student may have an excused absence for one day during each academic term (Fall, Spring, and Summer) during an academic year for religious observances required by the faith of that student.  A day is defined as one calendar day and would cover all classes held on the date specified.  A student wishing to have such excused absences must submit a written request to each faculty member affected.  The request need only state the date the student intends to be absent and that it is a request for a religious observance. Such requests must be submitted to faculty during the first week of class for regularly scheduled classes.  Students in Clinical or Cooperative Education or Internship Assignments must submit such a request prior to the start of the assignment.  The faculty will sign the requests, note the date on the attendance roster for those students, and forward signed requests to the appropriate dean.  Deans will keep the requests on file per state rules for retention of records.  Students will be allowed to make up work missed during an absence for religious observance if the request was submitted per this policy.