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Minority Male Success Initiative

Mission Statement:
The Minority Male Success Initiative (MMSI) welcomes minority male students nominated or referred from faculty and staff to utilize the MMSI platform. The MMSI platform is designed to promote student inclusion for minority males, by minimizing barriers and issues and providing avenues to leadership development, academic enhancement, and achieving educational outcomes at Pitt Community College.

Minority Male Success Initiative will target five components:

  • Building a sense of belonging and introduction to wrap-around services
  • Providing a pathway to achieving their dream
  • Socially integrated campus
  • Improving recruitment, retention, and resources
  • Career, civic, and community exploration

If you have any questions or would like more information concerning the minority male success initiative, please contact Darrick Mullins by phone: (252) 493-7399 and/or dmullins@email.pittcc.edu.

The Minority Male Success Initiative is broken up into two distinct components:

1 – Minority Male Success Initiative Referral Services

  • Mentoring
  • Career Exploration
  • Community Outreach/Activities
  • Peer Accountability
  • Life Skills/Life Preparation

2 – Level Up Program

Mission Statement
To equip young men with the skills necessary to reach the highest echelons of academic, professional, and personal development.

Program Description

Level Up is recognized on the Pitt Community College campus as a club/organization operating under the auspice of Minority Male Success Initiative is designed to recruit minority students and engage educate, and empower an identified student population amid a socially inclusive campus that’ll provide participants with the tangibles and intangible skills necessary to obtain success. Establishing opportunities that meet participant’s where they are and transitioning a parallel student-centered approach while emphasizing the importance of civic and community involvement.

Level Up would reinforce these methods and strategies through weekly meetings, hands on activities, peer to peer mentor relationships, collaborating with TASC and other active campus organizations and community agencies. Additionally, Level Up will instill positive mechanisms for participants such as a self-evaluation program guide to assist participants’ onward progress and individuals’ success while acknowledging milestone achievements to propel them across the finish line while pursuing completion of their trade, university transfer options, college degree and or program of study.

Any open-minded students, regardless of race, sex, ethnicity, sexual orientation, or religious beliefs are welcomed for discussing issues pertaining to minority groups and learn more about diverse populations.

Level Up Program Eligibility Requirements

  • Maintain 2.0 Grade Point Average (GPA).
  • Attend scheduled meetings with Level Up Staff.
  • Attend Level Up scheduled and organization impromptu meetings.
  • Submission of written letter of discontinued membership with Next Level Staff.
  • Create Individual Student Education Plan for graduation completion.
  • Academic Progress Consent Co-agreement.
  • Adhere to ALL applicable Pitt Community College student conduct policies attended on and off campus.

Advisory Board

Minority Male Success Initiative Center
The center is designed to be a place where any Minority Male student can come to discuss problems he may be having, get help with his course load, learn about the established programs on campus, or just relax in between classes.

Any student, regardless of race, sex, ethnicity, sexual orientation, or religious beliefs is welcome to utilize the center as a forum for discussing issues pertaining to minority groups and learn more about diverse populations.