Upper Echelon High School Program


The Upper Echelon Program was established in partnership with the Minority Male Success Initiative to create a shared community and safe network for black male high schoolers. The Program offers juniors and seniors the opportunity to join an apprenticeship program, attend workshops on college preparation, and receive professional development on financial literacy and mental health. The Upper Echelon Program seeks to promote black male peer bonding and access to resources to help them remove barriers affecting personal or academic success.


  1. Increase the graduation rates of black males in Pitt County Schools and the number of black males enrolled in PCC’s Career & College Program
  2. Educate black males about the financial and academic benefits of PCC’s Bulldog Promise Scholarship.
  3. Prepare high school black males for the rigors of higher education.
  4. Assist black males in identifying a career path and gaining a sense of self-worth.


The Upper Echelon Program welcomes black male juniors and seniors selected by their high school to participate in the Upper Echelon Program.

College Bound

Started in 2007, College Bound is a part of PCC’s commitment to removing barriers that make it difficult for black males to continue pursuing their educational goals beyond high school. Students participating in the Program learn about the college experience and higher education’s economic and community importance. At the end of the year, students can travel to PCC to attend College Bound. College Bound 2023 is April 25-27.