Level Up Club

Mission Statement

To equip young men with the skills necessary to reach the highest echelons of academic, professional, and personal development.

Program Description

Level Up seeks to create a socially inclusive culture by engaging, educating, and equipping individuals with tangible and intangible skills to obtain success. The Program operates by understanding each student’s unique situation and providing civic and community involvement opportunities to better themselves. Level Up hosts weekly meetings, hands-on activities, peer-to-peer mentor relationships, and collaborations with TASC and other campus/community organizations. The Program offers each participant a self-evaluation guide to track their milestones and achievements, helping them to achieve their goals.

Any open-minded students, regardless of race, sex, ethnicity, sexual orientation, or religious beliefs, are welcome to discuss issues about minority groups and learn more about diverse populations.

Executive Board 23-24


Alijah Scott

Human Services Technology

Vice President

Dontrell Weaver

Early Childhood Education


Jevon Bailey

Associate in Fine Arts in Music


Justin Staton

Welding Technology