Student Assistance Program (SAP)

Personal Counseling and Mental Health Services for Currently Enrolled Students

Many college students entering PCC face academic pressures, financial struggles, family difficulties, and other personal issues or mental health challenges. College students need options and support for counseling.

Currently enrolled students in need of counseling can be seen by one of our professional SAP Counselors. Contact with a counselor may be made in person, via email, or by phone. Any instructor or college employee can refer students to the program or a student in need can self-refer to the SAP Coordinator. SAP has qualified counselors available on campus. This program works in conjunction with a community agency for additional free counseling services when extensive therapeutic care is needed.

For additional information on this program or to schedule an appointment with one of our Counselors, please contact Counseling Services at (252) 493-7245.

Student confidentiality is important to us and is protected except in circumstances explained in an established counseling session.

Call Campus Police at (252) 493-7777 for Emergencies.