Bruiser’s Crew


Bruiser's Crew - peer mentoring


Program Overview:

The Bruiser’s Crew Peer Mentoring program at Pitt Community College, to the core, is about helping students in a meaningful way with a purpose driven approach – retention, persistence and completion! By creating a network of support, Bruiser’s Crew mentors will aid in the academic, emotional, and socio-cultural adjustment of first year mentees at Pitt Community College. Bruiser’s Crew Mentors are experienced and specially trained to be effective resourceful people, with good communication and leadership skills and the ability to promote positive academic behaviors and life skills. Trained to serve as peer support staff for mentees, their efforts include sharing program goals and responsibilities focused on ensuring the success of those participating in this program. Our program matches successful continuing students with new students, starting a relationship that could make the biggest difference in a first year student’s entire experience.

Learn More:

Are you an experienced PCC student that would like to help others? Then you should apply to become a Bruiser’s Crew Mentor. This scholarship program allows PCC students to mentor new students on their way to success! The recruitment, interview, and selection process will occur during the Spring term of every academic year. Each selected Bruiser’s Crew Mentor will complete a thorough training during the following Summer term, which will prepare them for service as a Bruiser’s Crew mentor for the upcoming academic year.

For more information, please contact Bruiser’s Crew at pccbruisercrew@my.pittcc.edu.