Request Accommodations

The Office of Accessibility Services is the only authorized office to receive disability documentation and determine eligibility for academic adjustments or accommodations on the basis of a disability.

OAS engages in a collaborative process and considers each student’s individual’s condition, the requested accommodation, and the technical standards and essential elements of Pitt Community College programs, services and activities in determining eligibility. Accommodations are determined individually and is intended to remove access barriers to ensure equal opportunities for participation.

Accommodations include:

  • Appropriate academic adjustments, 
  • Auxiliary aids/services, 
  • Modifications to policies/procedures that limit access provided they do not compromise technical standards and essential function requirements

Accommodation Requests:  Follow the steps below to submit a request to the Office of Accessibility Services.

Online Request

Click the button below to complete the online intake form. 

In-Person Request

Steps for Requesting Accommodations

  1. Self-disclose information about their condition to the Office of Accessibility Services.
  2. Complete the Intake/Consent Forms requesting accommodations.
  3. Provide the Office of Accessibility Services with documentation from their care provider that outlines the student’s diagnosis and symptoms and demonstrates the need for accommodations. Documentation can be from:
    • Primary Care Provider, Specialist, or Therapist
    • IEP from high school
    • Psychological Evaluation
    • Vocational Rehabilitation (VR)
    • Division of Services for the Blind (DSB)
  4. Bring completed Intake/Consent Forms and documentation to a scheduled meeting with an Office of Accessibility Counselor or Director to discuss accommodations and process for using them.
  5. Request letters for instructors at the beginning of each subsequent semester from the Office of Accessibility. Accommodations letters and confirmation agreements will be provided to hand-deliver or email to each instructor.
  6. Return the document(s) to the Office of Accessibility Services after instructors have completed/signed the Faculty Acknowledgment and Consent to Record forms.
  7. If approved, schedule the test with the Office of Accessibility Services at least two days prior to the test by calling 252- 493-7285.