Distance Learners

Students who may have trouble sitting in a classroom, traveling to or navigating on the Pitt Community College campus have the option of taking classes online. The Americans with Disabilities Act requires that people with disabilities “have equal access to public programs and services.” Making sure students can participate in distance learning courses is no exception.

For effective and timely receipt of services, please review the Office of Accessibility Services Student with Disabilities Rights and Responsibilities and the guidelines listed below:

Accommodations for Distance Learners

To receive services through the Office of Accessibility Services (OAS) as Distance Learners, students must complete a PCC Office of Accessibility Services application packet and provide sufficient documentation of the disability or impairment.

Letters of Accommodation (LOA) for Distance Learners are sent from OAS by email to each online instructor. Students receive a carbon copy email in conjunction with each letter to confirm notification. Online instructors provide accommodations as outlined in the LOAs, when applicable.

Extended test time is the most common online accommodation and is defined as 1-½ times the allotted time. To provide this accommodation in Moodle, instructors disable the Moodle timer. As a result, students must monitor their own time. Instructors have the right to penalize students who exceed the extended time. If the distance learner has difficulty with the provision or quality of the accommodations, it is the student’s responsibility to notify OAS Director by email immediately.

Absences for Distance Learners

If Distance Learners are incapacitated in a way that interferes with keeping up with online class responsibilities, medical documentation that confirms the dates in question must be forwarded to the Office of Accessibility Services by email or fax as soon as possible. With verifiable documentation and in accordance with the granted accommodation, instructors may allow students to make up missed assignments. Prolonged absence from online participation due to disability-related complications are handled individually.

Confidentiality for Distance Learners

The Office of Accessibility Services is not at liberty to discuss any information, online or face to face, regarding students served without prior written consent. This includes: PCC employees, family, and community entities.