Services for Students with Disabilities

Once initiated by the student, various services are provided to facilitate equal access to all opportunities, activities, and programs offered by Pitt Community College. These services include but are not limited to:

Assistive Technology

Adaptive equipment is made available in conjunction with granted accommodations, especially in the classroom and during testing. Equipment may include: voice recorders, portable word processors, specialized computer software and peripherals, closed captioning televisions, and assistive listening aids. Electronics which assist with organization, reading, writing, spelling and mathematics are also available.

Classroom Accommodations

Consistent with accommodations granted in the Letter of Accommodation, students receive adaptations, alterations and modifications in the classroom to ensure full access to the learning experience.

Disability Management Counseling

Disability management counseling allows the Office of Accessibility Services staff to provide academic guidance from a perspective that continually takes into consideration the students’ diagnoses, deficits and related matters.

Interpreter Services

When comparable accommodations are found to be inappropriate, interpreter services are available for students who are deaf and fluent in American Sign Language. Services are contracted on an individual basis and must be prearranged.

Note Taking Services

The OAS coordinates notetaker services for students, who due to a disability or multiple deficits, are either unable to take notes or need additional class notes to supplement their own. Upon request, students who have received this granted accommodation are assigned notetakers who are recruited, hired and trained by the OAS staff prior to service.

Placement Testing Accommodations

Accommodations are available to new PCC students who must take the placement test. Placement test results can show the need for additional developmental education before taking college-level work. With accommodations, test results more accurately reflect the student’s level of proficiency.

Accommodations for placement testing are approved through the College Board. Please use this link when making a request:


OAS staff are available to assist with this application if you feel that this would be helpful to you.

Priority Registration

The earliest registration dates are reserved for currently enrolled students based on the number of accumulated credit hours, followed by all other students in descending order. Students registered with the Office of Accessibility Services who have special healthcare needs impacted by their daily schedule (for example, diabetes management or narcolepsy) may qualify to register during the initial dates.

Referral to Campus and Community Resources

When appropriate, students are referred to associated campus and community resources. With a continuum of services to address all areas of need, students develop support networks for academic success.

Testing Accommodations

Consistent with the Letter of Accommodation and in conjunction with testing instructions provided by faculty, students receive adaptations, alterations and modifications in the OAS testing environment. Students are proctored and all testing environments are electronically monitored to make sure the testing integrity is not compromised.

Additional services deemed appropriate to ensure access for students with disabilities are offered. For additional information, please contact: (252) 493-7595 or (252) 493-7603.