Office of Accessibility Services (OAS)

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Our Mission

Our mission is to provide academic accommodations and support within the resources of the college, which will ensure students with disabilities have the opportunity to competitively pursue a college education.

The Pitt Community College Office of Accessibility Services (OAS) is committed to equal opportunity for students with disabilities. We believe that students are responsible for their own academic success, but we know that begins with being afforded equal access!

Request Accommodations

To request accommodations for coursework at Pitt Community College, please contact our office at 252-493-7285. Click the button below for details on how to make a request.

Once an accommodation plan has been approved, faculty will be notified and sent a copy of the plan for implementation each semester. 

If you would like to meet virtually, please contact Lisa Kelley at lkelley@email.pittcc.edu or Karen Albrecht at kcalbrecht842@my.pittcc.edu.