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PCC Global Application

Process To Become A PCC Scholar of Global Distinction

Step 1: Complete the application for admission to the program.

Step 2: Schedule an interview with the Global Scholars coordinator, Edwin Franklin, (252) 493-7537, elfranklin263@my.pittcc.edu, RR 133.

Step 3: Complete the interview process.

Step 4: Wait for confirmation of admission into the program via your my.pittcc.edu email.

Step 5: Schedule an appointment with a Global Scholars advisor for program planning and evaluation.  Be sure to select an appointment designated as “Student Advising Appointment”.  Take note of the location of the appointment.

Step 6: Work to complete all the aspects of the program, 15 hours of global intensive courses, passport activities, and global experience.

Step 7: Schedule an Advising Appointment each semester with the Scholars of Global Distinction Coordinator, Edwin Franklin, to monitor progress in the program.

Step 8: Complete Capstone presentation.

Step 9: Upon completion of all the required components of the program, earn the Scholar of Global Distinction designation on your transcript.