Scholars of Global Distinction


The Pitt Community College Scholars of Global Distinction Program (PCC SGDP) is a certificate-bearing program that requires students to engage in academic coursework, cultural activities, travel, and experiences that will lead them toward becoming more globally conscious scholars, professionals, and citizens. This certificate is issued through the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and is given upon graduation from Pitt Community College. Completing students receive an SGDP Honor Stole to be worn at graduation.

Below are the requirements of the program:

1. Globally Intensive Courses: Completion of 15 credit hours with a minimum grade of C in courses designated as having globally intensive content.

2. International Activities: Attendance at eight international “passport” events, two per semester unless otherwise authorized.

3. Global Experience: Participation in 30 hours of a global experience through travel abroad, virtual study abroad, or domestic intercultural experience and/or service.

4. Capstone Presentation: 10-15 minute capstone presentation related to students’ participation in learning opportunities.

Questions? Contact Regina Garcia at 252-493-7568 or rygarcia838@my.pittcc.edu.