New Students Arriving to PCC

What should you do now that you have received your
F-1 visa and arrived to PCC?

  1. Check-in with the PDSO/DSO in the Goess Student Center, 252-493-7858.  You are required to check in with the International Student Office after you enter the United States. You will have to check in with our office no later than the program start date on #5 of your I-20. Please bring your passport, I-20, I-94 card (if applicable), and approval notice (if applicable).
  2. Reserve a space for the placement test. There is also study information for the placement test available.
  3. After you take the placement test, you will meet with your assigned academic advisor to discuss test scores and register for classes.
  4. Register for classes. (You must register as a full-time student.)
  5. Pay tuition and buy books. A copy of your schedule will be requested by the PDSO/DSO.
  6. Attend the mandatory orientation for international F-1 students.