Current International Students

Helpful Information for International Students

Student Email

Check out my.pittcc.edu to login.

Change of Address

One of your responsibilities as an F-1 student is to maintain an updated address with the International Student Office. We will update your address with Immigration. Download the Request of Change of Name/Address Form and submit to the International Student Office AND the Registrar’s Office.

F-1 Extension

If your program end date is approaching and you would like to extend your F-1 studies at PCC, it is your responsibility to notify the International Student Office within 2 weeks of the program end date. To extend your program, you will meet with the PDSO/DSO to discuss the program extension process. If you have numerous of failures and/or retakes, your program will not be able to be extended.

Optional Practical Training (OPT)

Once you receive your Associates degree from Pitt Community College, you are allowed to apply for Employment Authorization with USCIS for Optional Practical Training for either one year full time work or two years part time work. PCC Global suggests you apply for OPT 60-90 days before your program end date. Please note, USCIS MUST receive your I-765 within 60 days of your program end date.

Curricular Practical Training (CPT)

Certain programs require students have a co-op or work based learning component to the program. If your program requires you have this type of experience, you may be eligible for CPT. CPT is only for those students whose programs REQUIRE the work based learning component or co-op. See the Director of PCC Global if you are interested in CPT.

Transfer Out

If you would like to transfer to another institution, you will need to first apply to that institution. Once you have been accepted, bring a copy of the acceptance letter and a SEVIS transfer form, provided by the other institution, to the Office of PCC Global.

IRS Form 8843

International students and scholars must file Form 8843 to report their presence in the United States. If the student is a nonresident who had no source of income, the student will be required to file Form 8843 (only). If student had no U.S. source of income, the student does not need to file Form 1040NR or Form 1040NR-EZ. If the student only receives U.S. income from interest earned by his or her U.S. bank account, this is not considered U.S. source of income for nonresidents. Therefore, the student will only file Form 8843.

If the student was an international student in United States for more than 5 years, the student is considered a resident for federal income tax purposes, and he or she is not required to file Form 8843. Form 8843 must be filed by all individuals on F-1 visas and their dependents, even if he or she has not earned any income in the U.S. If he or she has not earned any income, he or she will complete Parts I and III, sign, and mail the Form 8843 to the IRS. The student should keep a copy for his or her records.

All nonresident aliens living in the U.S. must file a Form 8843 tax return each year by the appropriate deadline. The forms are available at the Internal Revenue Service website.

Reinstatement of F-1 Status

If you do not comply with F-1 regulations, your F-1 status will be terminated. In order to restore your F-1 status, you will have to process a reinstatement. There are two ways to reinstate your F-1 status. Please discuss your options with the International Student Office before making a decision.

  • Provide financial documents showing sufficient funds to the Office of PCC Global
    You will receive an initial I-20. You will need to leave the United States within 15 days. With a valid passport and F-1 visa, you will have to leave the United States and re-enter. With this option, you will need to repay the SEVIS fee on the new I-20. Your academic calendar for immigration purposes will restart. You may be integrated by the officials at the port of entry. The officials will make a decision to allow you to re-enter the United States or return to your home country. If the officials allow you to re-enter, you have reinstated yourself. Please note you must receive a stamp on your new I-20.
  • Apply for reinstatement with Immigration and remain in the United States
    You will bring all the required documents to the Office of PCC Global for review. You will submit all of your documentation to USCIS. You will remain in the United States while waiting for the adjudication of your application and study as you normally would on your F-1 visa. Should you need reinstatement, please make an appointment to speak with the Director of PCC Global to discuss your options.