International Students

Pitt Community College is approved to issue I-20 forms for all associate degree programs, including university transfer Associate in Science or Associate in Arts degrees. These programs prepare students to enter most four-year colleges and universities at the junior level to complete a bachelor’s degree.

Why Choose Pitt Community College?

  • Cheaper Tuition: Students can save $15,000 to $20,000 in tuition costs a year by attending a community college in their first two years.
  • Smaller Classroom Size: Community colleges offer smaller classroom sizes which allows more personal attention by the instructor.
  • Academic and Student Support Services: PCC offers tutoring services, academic advising, and student support services to help you achieve academic success.
  • Quality Programs: PCC offers a wide variety of associate degree and program options taught by highly qualified instructors.
  • Transfer Agreements: PCC has agreements with many NC four year universities where you can transfer your courses directly into their programs.

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