Student Rights and Responsibilities

Students are responsible for the proper completion of their academic program, for familiarity with all requirements of the curriculum from which they intend to graduate, for maintaining the grade average required and at all times knowing their academic standing, and for meeting all other degree requirements. Their advisors will counsel them, but the final responsibility remains that of the student. Students are required to have knowledge of and observe all regulations pertaining to campus life and student behavior. They are responsible for maintaining communications with Pitt Community College by keeping on file with the Admissions and Records Office at all times their current address and telephone number.

All students are assured the following rights:

  1. freedom to pursue their educational goals;
  2. freedom to inquire, assemble, and express their opinions;
  3. due process as provided in the fourteenth amendment of the US Constitution;
  4. un-prejudicial evaluation of academic performance (all students are entitled to an explanation of the basis for grades);
  5. the expectation of personal safety and protection of property while on campus; and
  6. continuity of the educational process.

All students are expected to meet the following responsibilities:

  1. follow the student conduct policy and observe College regulations and policies;
  2. acquaint themselves with the criteria to meet graduation requirements of the College in his or her program; and
  3. practice good citizenship.