Distance Education FAQ’s

Table of Contents:

What things must I know before taking an Internet course?

Before you sign up for an Internet course, it is important that you:

Are familiar with general computer terms and use.
For example, if you don’t know what it means to reboot your computer, you should take an introductory computer class onsite before signing up for an Internet course.

Are comfortable surfing the web and using search engines.
Remember that this entire course will be taught over the Internet. Your instructor will assume that you know how to use the Internet when you sign up for this course. You will probably be asked to do research on the Web in addition to accessing the course site.

Have access to a reliable computer.
The actual specs your computer will need depend on the course you are taking and your patience. For example – some courses will require that you install additional software to complete the course.  Obviously, your computer will have to be capable of running that software.  An ideal range for the typical user is a computer that is less than 3 or 4 years old.  Be sure your computer has the latest versions of whatever browser you are using; e.g., Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Safari.

Have access to a reliable Internet connection.
Although we do have some students who complete Internet courses using the computer labs or LRC computers we highly recommend that Internet students have their own computer with high-speed broadband access at home.

Know how to send and receive email through MyPittCC.
For information on MyPittCC refer to:

Getting Started with MyPittCC

I’ve determined that I have the skills and equipment necessary to take an Internet course – now how do I register?

Registration for an Internet course works exactly the same as any other course on campus. If you are not a current PCC student, you will need to complete a PCC application. If you need more information on applying, go to the Applications Page on our website.

If you are already a current PCC student, your advisor will help you decide if the class is right for you. You can register for an Internet course at the same time you register for your other classes online or during walk-in registration. Internet classes are indicated on the printed schedule by the Instructor’s email address directly below the course. You can also find a list of Internet courses on PCC’s website under the ‘Course Schedule‘ link under ‘Academics‘.

I’m registered for an Internet course, now what do I do?

When you register for an Internet course your first step should be to email your instructor. Send your email from your MyPittCC email address and advise your instructor of the course name, number, and section you are registered for. Include your full name and your contact information as well.

Ask your instructor any important questions you may have regarding the course; how often do we meet online and when, what are your expectations, are there any particular pieces of software I need to use for this course, etc… It may be several days before you receive a response and if you didn’t have any questions, you might not receive a response at all. You also need to send a similar email on the first day of the course or as soon as possible after the first day.

What is MyPittCC, Single Sign On and what does this have to do with my online course?

You will need to access myPittCC in order to check your email, access Moodle, and access the PCC Services tab, which is where you register for classes, check your financial aid status, access your official grades, etc.  A link to MyPittCC appears at the top of every PCC webpage.

One of the advantages of this portal is that you have a single login and password that will give you access to email, Moodle, and other online resources used by Pitt Community College.

What is my username?

Your User ID will change to the following format First initial, Middle initial, Last name, and Last three (3) digits of your Student ID Number. Your Student ID number is the seven (7) digit number located on your schedule or Student ID Card.

Example: John Michael Doe 0098765 would have a User ID of jmdoe765.

*Always be sure to use lowercase letters.

What is my password?
All new passwords must be at least fourteen characters long to comply with our current Password Policy. After your first sign in, you will be prompted change your password when you log in, it must contain 14 characters and 3 of the following (Upper Case, Lower Case, Number, Special Character)

Your default password will be set to include (in order) your birthday (six-digit format), uppercase first name initial, lowercase last name initial, and your seven-digit ID number.

Example: John Doe, whose birthday is January 3, 1980, and has a seven-digit PCC I.D. number of 0098765, would have a password of 010380Jd0098765.

*Always be sure to use lowercase letters.

What should I do if my user name and/or password do not work?
Please visit the link below the login box at MyPittCC about troubleshooting tips, working through each of them in order to help resolve your issue.