***Spring classes will continue meeting through alternative instructional methods and end on time (May 5). Extracurricular activities remain suspended until further notice. For general information, call the PCC Student Coronavirus Hotline at (252) 493-7245, between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m., Monday through Friday.***04

Career and College Connections

This program, including Basic Skills Plus and Fast Track to Industry, is designed to provide students with the opportunity to pursue specific career training (in either Continuing Education courses or curriculum courses) concurrently while completing their high school equivalency credentials. Instruction in academics in the context of the specific career, employability skills, and occupational and technical skills, as well as Transition Math and/or English instruction may be provided. The college may waive tuition and registration fees associated with this program or scholarships and/or grants may be available to off-set the costs of tuition, fees, equipment and supplies.

For more information, call 252 493-7892.