Adult High School (AHS)

AHS provides course work for adults who wish to earn a high school diploma through course credit completion not previously earned in a traditional high school setting. The program consists of core courses required by the NC Department of Public Instruction along with electives required by the local public school system and the community college. Students who successfully complete all program requirements earn an Adult High School Diploma awarded jointly by Pitt County Schools and Pitt Community College.

To earn an Adult High School diploma, students must transfer at least 14 credits and complete at total of 22 credits comprised of the following:

  • English: 4 credits
  • Math: 4 credits
  • Science: 3 credits
  • Social Studies: 4 credits
  • Health/PE: 1 credit
  • Elective: 6 credits

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For more information, contact Belinda Grubbs at (252) 493-7560.