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General Questions
Phone: 252-493-7892

Melissa Morlock
Director Transitional Studies
Program Coordinator Career Academy
Email: mwmorlock745@my.pittcc.edu
Phone: 252-493-7439

Belinda (Sissy) Grubbs
Program Coordinator On-Campus HSE/Adult HS
Email: blgrubbs386@my.pittcc.edu
Phone: 252-493-7560

Tereasa Staton
Program Coordinator Community Classes/Re-entry
Email: tdstaton802@my.pittcc.edu
Phone: 252-493-7377

Sharon Edwards
Program Coordinator English Language Acquisition (ELA/ESL)
Email: seedwards473@my.pittcc.edu
Phone: 252-493-7213

Mary Hopkins
Assessment Coordinator, Chief HSE Examiner
Email: mthopkins399@my.pittcc.edu
Phone: 252-493-7628

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