Education and Child Development

The mission of the Education and Child Development Department is to prepare individuals for careers in early childhood and educational settings for children ages birth through high school. Program options provide opportunities for careers in birth through middle childhood in home- and center-based licensed early childhood programs, NC PreK programs, and Public School Education Programs. Transfer paths will prepare students in continuing their education in bachelor’s degree programs focusing on Teacher Licensure or Human Development and Family Studies.  Students will gain knowledge of theory-based best practices for engaging and interacting with young children and will apply this knowledge in approved community-based experiences while being supervised by qualified educators and faculty.

Coursework includes required observation and practical experiences in licensed childcare facilities and public schools. For successful completion of this portion of coursework, students must submit a Letter of Qualification from the NC Division of Child Development by completing a criminal background check and submit a Tuberculin test or screening. Any fees incurred in this process are the responsibility of the student. Failure to comply with these requests could result in withdrawal from the program.

For more information regarding the Early Childhood Education program, contact Melissa Rees, Department Chair at 252-493-7276 or mdrees975@my.pittcc.edu.

Early Childhood Education Student Policy Handbook

* New for Fall 2021: Transferable Degrees for Elementary, Middle, High School and Special Education! Contact Melissa Rees at mdrees975@my.pittcc.edu.

Child Development and Child Care Programs
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Early Childhood Education
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Child Development I & II
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School Age Development and Programs
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Early Childhood Administration I & II
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Foundations of Education
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Autism Technical Concepts COMING SOON

These programs focus on enhancing the skills and knowledge base of early childhood educators for their important work with young children, as well as prepares students for transfer to 4-year programs in the field of Birth through Kindergarten Teacher Licensure and Program Administration.