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Associate In Fine Arts Faculty


Department Chair
Charity Valentine, M.F.A.
Traditional/Digital Photography
Office: KVW 107C
Phone: 252-493-7617
Email: cvalentine@email.pittcc.edu

Music & Drama Coordinator/Instructor
R. Michael Stephenson, M.M.
Office: KVW 205
Phone: 252-493-7493
Email: rstephenson@email.pittcc.edu

Matt Amante, M.F.A
Art Appreciation/Portfolio & Resume/Sculpture
Office: KVW 107D
Phone: 252-493-7684
Email: mamante@email.pittcc.edu

Gina Cox, M.F.A.
Design I/Textiles
Office: KVW 209
Phone: 252-493-7602
Email: gcox@email.pittcc.edu

Jordan Krutsch, M.F.A.
Fine Arts
Office: KVW 209
Phone: 252-493-7602
Email: jrkrutsch258@my.pittcc.edu



Visual Arts
Nicole Allen
Karene Barrow
Cathy Crowell
Brian Culbertson
William Dermody
Patricia Hayes
Michael Hill
Patrick Keough
Sarah Lazure
Catherine Lloyd
Lindsay Koontz
Maria Modlin
Hosanna Rubio
Elizabeth Steiner
Michael Tracy
Lee Armstrong
Harry Blackwood
Christopher Campbell
James Cooper
James Gilliam
Dallas Herndon
Miles Huggins
Alison Mossey-Ponzi
Kate Oliphant
Henry Pollock
David Prodoehl
Daniel Read
Caitlin Shirley
Cynthia Spell
Lawrence Spell
Lisa Stockard
Rasheeda Waddell