Graphic Design

Start Your Creative Career With a Graphic Design Degree

Our Graphic Design program is a good choice for students who are interested in a creative and rewarding career in the design field. A Graphic Design degree:

  • Prepares you for a variety of careers. Those with graphic design, web design, and video editing skills are in high demand in a wide range of industries, including publishing, marketing, advertising, and UI/UX design. With an associate degree from Pitt Community College, you will be qualified for entry-level positions in these fields.
  • Is a relatively short and affordable program. Our associate degree can be completed in two years, and it is typically much less expensive than a bachelor’s degree. This makes it a good option if you want to start your career before pursuing a four-year degree.
  • Gives you the skills you need to succeed in the creative industry. In the Graphic Design program, you will learn the essential skills you need to create visually appealing and effective graphics, advertisements, websites, and other marketing materials. You will also learn about the different types of advertising media and how to create campaigns that reach your target audience.
  • Leads to a successful career. Graphic designers can earn a good living, and the job outlook for these fields is projected to grow faster than average in the coming years. With an associate degree, you will be well-positioned to take advantage of these job opportunities.

Skills gained in the Graphic Design program

In addition to the benefits listed above, our Graphic Design program gives you the opportunity to:

  • Develop your creative and artistic skills.
  • Learn the latest design software and technologies.
  • Gain hands-on experience working on real-world projects.
  • Build a portfolio of your work to showcase to potential employers.

Why Choose Pitt Community College for Your Graphic Design Degree?

Our Graphic Design program provides you with the knowledge and skills necessary for employment in the graphic design profession, which emphasizes design, typography, advertising, marketing, web design, and video editing.

Your first two semesters focus on building a foundation in type and design and learning the industry-standard software applications, Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, and InDesign.

During the summer semester, we offer our students the option of participating in an internship in the field while learning about UI/UX design in the classroom.

During the second year of the Graphic Design program, you will take additional design classes and learn web design and video editing, and work with software applications such as Adobe Premiere and After Effects. All graphic design classes have dedicated Mac labs where you will work on portfolio projects with your instructor, which gives you the opportunity to get an expert’s constructive feedback on your design solutions. These projects also allow you to become an expert in the software applications you will use in the field.

At the end of your last semester, you will have the opportunity to exhibit your portfolio at the Greenville Museum of Art, which allows you to share all your hard work with friends, family, and prospective employers.

Outside of the classroom, you can participate in the graphic design club, which provides many social and networking opportunities.

Career Opportunities for Graphic Design Graduates

After completing your PCC associate degree in graphic design, you can find entry-level employment in the field or transfer to a university. We encourage students who are interested in earning their bachelor’s to choose a degree in a field that couples nicely with their graphic design skills. It is wise to gain additional skills that make you even more marketable in areas such as communication, web development, videography, or marketing.

Graduates find employment across various specializations in the field of graphic design, including roles in printing facilities, sign shops, graphic design firms, ad agencies, and in-house design departments.

Employers prefer our graphic design graduates for their ability to hit the ground running. Our students graduate with a proficiency in industry-standard software applications that allows them to seamlessly transition into the workforce. Our students go beyond theorizing design solutions: They possess the skills needed to take projects past conceptualization, all the way through production.

“I believe the Graphic Design program definitely prepared me for my job, because my professors always pushed me to grow as a designer and led me to becoming a videographer.”

Luis Vargas

Videographer, Grover Gaming
Class of 2019

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