Estimated Program Expenses

Tuition 1$5,548.00$19,564.00
Student Activity Fees$72.00$72.00
Technology Fee$48.00$48.00
Access Fee$40.00$40.00
Lab Fees 2$97.50$97.50
Graduation fee$40.00$40.00
Malpractice Insurance 3$32.00$32.00
Criminal Background Checks & Drug Screens$107.00$107.00
Clinical Uniforms/Shoes$280.00$280.00
Laboratory/Clinical Supplies$150.00$150.00
Annual vaccinations$50.00$50.00
Physical Exam-Required for Admission 4variesvaries
Clinical Travel 5variesvaries
NBRC Self-Assessment Testing$120.00$120.00

Program credit hours: 73 – $76.00 per credit hour for in-state tuition, $268.00 per credit hour for out-of-state tuition. All tuition rates and costs associated with the program are subject to change.

2 Lab fees $3.75 per lab hour. 26 lab hours included in the program.

3 Malpractice insurance $16.00 per academic year.

4 Physical Exam/Immunizations: All health sciences students are required to have a physical examination and current immunizations. The costs associated with this requirement can vary based on chosen healthcare provider, type of health insurance coverage available, and specific needs of each student.

5 For a list of clinical sites, please refer to the website or Respiratory Therapy Student Handbook.