The Polysomnography curriculum prepares individuals, working in conjunction with a physician, to perform and interpret sleep studies and to provide comprehensive clinical evaluations that are required for the diagnosis of sleep-related disorders.

Students should acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to perform sleep studies, including recording and interpreting events observed during sleep. Treatment of sleep-related disorders and patient education focused on healthy sleep habits will also be discussed.

Graduates of accredited programs may be eligible to apply to take the examination offered by the Board of Registered Polysomnographic Technologists. Employment opportunities may be found in hospitals and freestanding sleep centers.

Clinical Sleep Centers
Research Facilities

Intro to Polysomnography
Neuro/Cardiopulmonary Anatomy & Physiology
PSG Instrumentation
PSG Fundamentals
Polysomnography I & II
Infant/Pediatric PSG
Case Studies/Exam Review
PSG Clinical Applications I & II

Students will perform analysis of pre-testing information.
Students will prepare the equipment and patient for data collection.
Students will collect, analyze, interpret, and report polysomnographic data and clinical observations.
Students will identify and differentiate sleep disorder characteristics.
Students will demonstrate effective patient education.
Students will communicate and demonstrate professional behaviors consistent with employer expectations.
Students will prepare for the RPSGT credentialing exam.

Associate of Applied Science in Polysomnography
Certificate in Polysomnography