PET Program Costs

All costs listed are estimates and subject to change. Tuition is set by the State Board of Community Colleges and the North Carolina General Assembly and subject to change without notice.

Tuition*$3,268 In-State; $11,524 Out-of-State
Lab Fees$3.75 per lab hour; total $15
Student Activity Fee$26 per semester; $20 in summer
Technology Fee$32 per semester
Access Fee$15 per semester; $10 in summer
Accident Insurance$1 per semester
Malpractice Insurance$16 PET 210
BLS Certification$80 class; $21.35 book; $13.30 facemask
Medical Exam & Immunizations**Varies
Criminal Background Check & Drug Screen$125.75
Radiation Badge & Ring Fee$72.80 PET 210
Clinical Onboarding Subscription$34.99
Clinical Uniforms & Supplies$150
Graduation Fee$40
ARRT Credentialing Exam$225

*Tuition calculated using the tuition rate for 43 credit hours and following an ideal semester-by-semester plan for completing the general education and PET course requirements.

**Costs for the medical exam and immunizations will vary based on the specific needs of each student, selected medical provider, and health insurance coverage.