May I transfer in general education courses?

Yes, however official transcripts will need to be evaluated by our Registrar’s Office. This may be done by completing the application for admission into the HIT program and sending your transcripts. Instructions for both of these are included in the step-by-step guide.

When may I apply to the HIT Program?

Applications are accepted throughout the year; however students are accepted only for Fall and Spring Semesters. Limited courses are offered in the summer.

How many students are accepted in each Fall and Spring Semester?

The maximum number of students the HIT program intends to enroll is twenty (20) for a total of forty (40) students per year (20 each in the Spring and Fall semesters).

Is a clinical required?

Yes. All students will complete Professional Practice Experience which is the term used for clinical in the HIT program. There are a variety of locations available and if necessary, we can attempt to obtain a site in the student’s geographical location (dependent upon availability and the meeting of criteria for the site).

Is this a full time or a part time program?

This program can be completed as a full time program or a part time program; however, all students must complete the program within four years as the technology may change if a longer time period is taken.

How do I know which courses to take and when?

A list of courses is on the website in the order in which they should be taken. Simply start at the top of the list and work your way down the list enrolling in the number of courses that you feel you can handle and with the realization that all courses must be completed within four years from the time you are accepted.

Must I travel to the campus?

All courses, except Professional Practice Experiences (PPEs) are offered online. PPEs are arranged in the geographical area of the students’ home location assuming a contractual arrangement can be made with an appropriate health care facility.

Must I take the RHIT credentialing examination at the end of my curriculum?

While we cannot mandate the taking of this credentialing exam, the student must realize that the passing of this exam certifies the knowledge attained during this program and that most employers require this certification.

I was in this program one time before and had to leave. May I reapply?

Assuming a student is eligible for readmission to PCC, the student may apply for readmission once. Students may not apply for a third or subsequent admission.

How many courses may a student take in one semester? Can I finish this program in one year?

Each student’s progress is unique; however students are encouraged to take a reasonable load of courses which should not exceed 18 hours per semester for a full time student. Part time students should enroll in courses that allow them to be successful in the course but that also assures that they will be able to complete all courses within four years from the time of acceptance.

Can I complete courses on my time frame?

All courses are taught on a semester basis with a schedule that is developed for a 16 week semester.

How do I apply to the HIT program?

Refer to the step-by-step guide for details about the application process.

May I transfer into the HIT Program from another CAHIIM Accredited HIT Program?

Applicants desiring to transfer into the HIT Program from another CAHIIM Accredited HIT program must meet the same admission criteria required by all students seeking admission and must adhere to the time limitation for the curriculum. Transfer is contingent upon availability of space in the program.

  • Students that have been dismissed from a previous HIT program may be considered eligible to transfer into this HIT program.
  • Students who have left a CAHIIM accredited HIT program as a result of unsatisfactory behavior and/or clinical performance or clinical probation will not be considered for transfer.
  • Any student admitted into the HIT Program at PCC will be required to repeat any HIT prefixed courses more than 4 years old.
  • Students transferring into the HIT program at PCC will be required to take all PPE (clinical) coursework at PCC.