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Clinical Education

Professional practice experience (PPE) courses, also known as clinical education courses, are necessary for the HIT degree. Special policies required are as follows:

  • For students residing in proximity to PCC, PPE is scheduled at sites within commuting distance of the college.
  • PPE’s for students not in proximity to PCC will be made individually according to the student’s specific needs, physical location, clinical site availability, and professional interests.
  • Students currently working in health care should note that PPE may not be fulfilled in the same department in which they are employed and it is expected that PPE be completed during normal business hours (Monday – Friday).
  • Should a student seek a clinical site new to PCC, input/effort from the student needing the site is necessary. Clinical sites must be approved by PCC. A formal contract signed by the clinical site administrator prior to student attendance must have been received by PCC.


Clinical facilities may require criminal background checks, drug screenings, credit checks, and/or proof of US citizenship prior to or during participation in the clinical portion of a program. Any expenses associated with these requirements are the responsibility of the student. Pending the outcome, clinical facilities may deny a student the opportunity to complete the clinical portion of a program. A student who is unable to complete the clinical portion of a program will not be able to graduate.

Criminal background checks, drug screenings, credit checks, and/or proof of US citizenship may also be required after graduation by examination boards, state licensing boards, and employing agencies. Pending the outcome, a graduate may be disqualified from examination eligibility, state licensure, and/or employment.