Conquering the TEAS

Maintain Your Confidence

Whether you are testing for the first time or retesting, remain confident! If you are retesting, you are now returning with experience because you know what to expect. Use this knowledge to boost your confidence!

Consider a Study Partner or Form a Study Group

You are not alone. There is power in doing this together!


The key to a successful TEAS score is to prepare.

The Health Sciences division sponsors a TEAS Boot Camp each semester to help students prepare for the TEAS. The course is taught by PCC Faculty and Staff one evening a week over five weeks. Each evening covers a different TEAS topic as well as study skills and test-taking strategies. The fee includes the official ATI TEAS Study Manual and other review materials. Contact Kristi Walters at klwalters373@my.pittcc.edu or 252-493-7261 for registration information.

Access Online Test Prep Resources

PCC Library’s PrepSTEP database includes online TEAS practice tests and tutorials. Their TEAS Study Guides page includes step-by-step information on how to access PrepSTEP and create an account so that you can save your work. This page also includes resources to help you review basic math, reading, and science concepts. Please contact a librarian if you have questions about how to access the online practice tests or other study resources provided by the Library. 

The Health Sciences Department’s TEAS Testing Guide page includes additional information about the TEAS.

Visit TASC for Tutoring

PCC’s Tutorial and Academic Success Center (TASC) can assist currently enrolled PCC students with preparing for standardized testing. Contact TASC at 252-493-7258 or tasc@my.pittcc.edu to make an appointment with a tutor. Appointments may also be scheduled using the Tutoring Appointment Request Form.

Analyze Your TEAS Score Report from Your First Testing Attempt to Determine Areas You Need to Focus On

It helps to know your weaknesses and what areas you need to focus on when preparing to retest. Before retesting, analyze your TEAS score report from your first attempt and know exactly where you stand. Remember, you are a conqueror! Conquerors face what is in front of them and strategize to overcome!

Print Study Guides at the PCC Library

In addition to online practice tests, PCC Library (Everett Building) provides access to the print version of the ATI TEAS Study Manual. They have multiple copies available for check-out (2nd floor) that you can take home. You will need to have your current PCC ID with you to get a library account and check out materials.

Evaluate Your Plan and Consider Other Options

Having a backup plan is not admitting defeat; instead, it is thinking ahead! Your advisor can help you explore other options. An example of a backup plan may be to consider other programs and/or educational options. Keep in mind, you can apply to a maximum of two health sciences programs at one time.

Reach Out to Counseling Services

Test anxiety is a real thing that you may experience. PCC has trained counselors available to assist and provide you support. To speak with a PCC counselor, contact Counseling Services at 252-493-7809.

For complete details on TEAS Testing, refer to the TEAS Testing Guide.