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Breast Sonography

The Breast Sonography curriculum provides registered mammographers the didactic and clinical experience necessary to become registered breast sonographers.

Course work includes breast pathophysiology; physics, instrumentation, and equipment operation necessary to perform diagnostic and interventional breast sonography procedures; and clinical breast image production and evaluation.

Graduates may be eligible to apply to take the American Registry of Radiologic Technologists (ARRT) certification exam in Breast Sonography.

Individuals entering this curriculum must be a registered Radiologic Technologist and a registered Mammographer.

Online Program

The Breast Sonography program is a one to two semester (spring and summer) certificate program. The program is offered totally online with the exception of the scanning labs and clinical practice rotations. The scanning labs are facilitated on campus twice during the spring semester. Clinical rotations are completed during the spring semester with the option to continue in the summer if needed to meet ARRT clinical requirements. Clinical rotations are made available in the student’s geographic location through a joint effort facilitated by the student and the breast sonography faculty.

Outpatient Care Centers
FDA/ACR – Accredited Diagnostic Imaging Centers
Physicians Offices

Breast Pathophysiology
BST Physics & Equipment
BST Image Production & Eval
BST Procedures
Clinical Education

Students will satisfactorily perform Breast Sonography Procedures.
Students will apply effective communication skills with patients, faculty, and medical staff.
Students will demonstrate appropriate ultrasonic safety and bio effects.
Students will demonstrate professional behaviors consistent with employer expectations.
Students will demonstrate critical thinking skills.
Students will apply the principles of ultrasound and image formation.

Certificate in Breast Sonography