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Student Achievement Outcome Data

Program Completion Rates

Graduation Year2014-20162015-20172016-2018Aggregated Data
Number Admitted Original Cohort115128119362
Number Graduated Original Cohort698167217
Percent Graduated60%63%56%60%
Number All Students Admitted
Includes re-entry and transfer students for stated academic year)
Number All Students Graduated (Includes re-entry and transfer students for stated academic year)819182254
Percent All Students Graduated63%66%61%63%

Performance on Licensure (NCLEX) Examination – Associate Degree Level

Academic YearNumber TestedPass RateState Average (AAS)National Average (AAS)2016-2018
3 Year Average
January 2019
January 2019
January 2019
January 2019
January 2019

Job Placement Rate

Graduate Year2014-20162015-20172016-2018Aggregated Data
12 Months Post NCLEX Testing
Number of Graduates819182254
Number Employed 3 Months Post NCLEX Testing93%92%87%91%
Number Employed 6 Months Post NCLEX Testing99%98%Data Available
November 2018