Mechanical Engineering Technology Department

Prepare for a Career in Mechanical Engineering Technology

As corporations around the world increasingly incorporate sophisticated automation machinery, skilled mechanical engineering techs are in higher demand than ever. The Mechanical Engineering Technology program at Pitt Community College will prepare you to meet this demand in exciting career roles. You’ll learn to assist mechanical engineers in designing, developing, implementing, and testing machines and engines that can improve the lives of millions.

When you study engineering technology at Pitt, you’ll work with experienced faculty to build a solid foundation in advanced manufacturing technologies such as 3-D printing, programmable logic controllers, and robotics. Through a combination of theory and hands-on training, you’ll learn to use the latest mechanical engineering software and tools, such as AutoCAD and Solidworks.

Mechanical engineering diploma and certificate options

At Pitt, we empower you to stand out from the crowd through specialized expertise and training throughout the engineering technology sector. As you complete your Mechanical Engineering Technology degree, you can earn certifications or a diploma in specific skills to make your resume even more impressive and find the career path that’s right for you:

  • Mechanical Engineering Software
  • Mechanical Fundamentals
  • Manufacturing Processes Fundamentals
  • MET Highschool Path I (CTE)
  • MET Highschool Path II (CTE)

Why Choose Pitt Community College for Your Mechanical Engineering Technology?

Over the course of our five-semester-long Mechanical Engineering Technology program, you will benefit from our rigorous curriculum, cutting-edge labs and classrooms, and individual advising.

Thanks to small class sizes in our mechanical engineering tech program, you can work closely with esteemed faculty mentors who have worked in the industry for decades and bring their real-world experience into the classroom to prepare you for the daily challenges of engineering technology in the twenty-first century.

In addition to learning about mechanical engineering software, you will also learn about industrial standards such as ANSI, OSHA, GD&T, and ISO. This knowledge will help you find employment opportunities across the world and work with professionals from diverse backgrounds. You’ll also have chances for internships, as well as part-time and full-time employment, that can give you even more experience and help you build an impressive resume.

At Pitt, we believe that our success depends on yours. That’s why the department chair works with each mechanical engineering tech student to develop resumes, provide career coaching, and advise on potentially transferring to a four-year program.

Career Opportunities for Mechanical Engineering Technology Graduates

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics expects about 3,700 new openings in the mechanical engineering technology field each year by 2032. This means that you will have many chances to find the ideal position as a mechanical engineering tech doing that you love.

Graduates of our Mechanical Engineering Technology program are ready to enter the workforce as mechanical drafters, engineering planners, coordinators, or technicians. They also have the fundamental skills in theory and mechanical engineering software to transfer to East Carolina University’s Bachelor of Science in Industrial Technology program to study mechanical design and increase their career outlook even more.

Earning a mechanical engineering certificate or diploma can increase your career opportunities even further, as well as help you carve a career path that aligns with your skills and interests. You can also join our Technical Honor Society to build a network, learn from your peers, and show potential employers your dedication to the field of engineering technology.

Graduating from our Mechanical Engineering Technology program can qualify you for a wide range of positions in mechanical engineering tech and related fields. Fields you could enter include:

• Drafting
• Process specification
• Tooling selection
• Automation programming
• Project facilitation
• Robotics

“The Mechanical Engineering Technology program at Pitt Community College was perfect for me to broaden my skill set and learn so much more about industry, technology, and manufacturing processes. Throughout my time in the MET program, I learned so much about how mechanical design and automation go hand in hand. It was eye-opening to see the kinds of technology we have. The instructors are the best at making sure the students are getting everything that they need to succeed, and for that I cannot thank them enough.”

David Ramirez-Valdez

Class of 2023

Get Started in Our Mechanical Engineering Technology Program!

Automation Robotics
Applied Software for Tech
Hydraulics/Pneumatics I
Industrial Safety
Intro to 3D Printing
Manufacturing Quality Control
Programmable Logic Controllers
Work Measurement
College Algebra/Trigonometry I
Machine Processes I
Manufacturing Processes I
Engineering Materials
Statics and Strength of Materials

  • How to produce mechanical drawings using engineering graphics
  • How to manufacture parts from engineering designs using a variety of materials and equipment
  • How to program and operate a variety of manual and automated equipment
  • How to work in an engineering team to produce a product from conception to production

East Carolina University – B.S. Industrial Technology
UNC Charlotte – B.S. Mechanical Engineering Technology