Mechanical Engineering Technology Department

The Mechanical Engineering Technology curriculum prepares individuals for employment in the field of manufacturing technology. The program teaches advanced manufacturing technologies of 3-D printing, programmable logic controllers and robotics. The curriculum emphasizes the theory and training required to effectively augment manufacturing engineers in the industry.

Courses include a background in mechanical and related theory and the use of manufacturing and analytical equipment. Industrial standards such as ANSI, OSHA, GD&T, and ISO are discussed. Computer usage for process control and effective communication skills is emphasized. Software training includes AutoCAD and extensive courses in Solidworks, preparing students for possible certifications.

Graduates of this curriculum qualify for positions as engineering technicians. Some of the responsibilities include drafting, process specification, tooling selection, automation programming, project facilitation, and supervision. Third-party certifications are available through organizations such as OSHA 30-Hour Cards and NC3.

Students enrolled full-time and making satisfactory progress should complete this program in five semesters. Additional time may be needed to achieve minimum requirements in English, Math, or Science.

This program offers Diploma & Certificate options:

  • Mechanical Engineering Software
  • Mechanical Fundamentals
  • Manufacturing Processes Fundamentals
  • MET Highschool Path I (CTE)
  • MET Highschool Path II (CTE)

Graduates of this program may enter the workforce or may transfer to universities in program-related fields of study.
Please speak to a program advisor or department chair about these opportunities!

Contact us with further questions about this program.

Amy Stephenson, Department Chair
Office: A.B. Whitley Building (ABW), Room 130A
Email: atstephenson506@my.pittcc.edu
Phone: 252-493-7328

Process Specification
Tooling Selection
Automation Programming
Project Facilitation

Automation Robotics
Applied Software for Tech
Hydraulics/Pneumatics I
Industrial Safety
Intro to 3D Printing
Manufacturing Quality Control
Programmable Logic Controllers
Work Measurement
College Algebra/Trigonometry I
Machine Processes I
Manufacturing Processes I
Engineering Materials
Statics and Strength of Materials

Students will learn to produce mechanical drawings through the use of engineering graphics.
Students will manufacture parts from engineering designs using a variety of materials and equipment.
Students will learn to program and operate a variety of manual and automated equipment.
Students will learn to work in an engineering team to produce a product from conception to production.

East Carolina University – B.S. Industrial Technology
UNC Charlotte – B.S. Mechanical Engineering Technology